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At. St. Mary’s House, we believe being a disciple of Jesus calls us away from church buildings into the world, seeking to enact the Kingdom of God in the here and now. That call is prophetic when it leads us to decry injustice. It's incarnational when it leads us to create new structures that uplift others. It's compassionate when it leads us to alleviating suffering.​

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Members of St. Mary’s House are involved in the following groups and organizations working for justice in our world:


Spartan Open Pantry

People of Faith Against the Death Penalty

Fight for 15

Bishops Against Gun Violence

Black Lives Matter

Greater Greensboro CROP Hunger Walk

Greensboro Participatory Budgeting

Greensboro Urban Ministry

Interactive Resource Center

Reading Connections: Adult Literacy

National Council On Aging

Give Kids the World


There may be others we have not yet discovered!



While we encourage all members of our community to be directly involved in acts of justice, kindness, & mercy, we also understand that a portion of the money we collect should go towards helping others. Accordingly, we set aside approximately 11% of our budget to be given directly to other non-profit groups. The ministries and programs are nominated by members of our community and voted on at our spring community lunch and meeting. In 2017, the recipient list includes the following:


Episcopal Relief & Development

(Disaster Relief)

Episcopal Seminary of the Southwest

(Episcopal Seminary in Austin Tx.)

Faith Action International House

(Immigrant Support)

Give Kids the World

(Serving Children with Life Threatening Illness)

Greensboro Urban Ministry

(In Support of the Tuesday Breakfast Program)

Interactive Resource Center

(Homelessness Ministry)

NC League of Conservation Voters

(Environmental Advocacy)

Spartan Open Pantry

(Student run Pantry at UNCG)

Peacehaven Farm

(Residence for Adults w/ Special Needs)

UNCG Spartan Recovery Center

(Serving UNCG Students in Recovery from Addictions)

YWCA Family Shelter

(Homeless Family Shelter)

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