Our Story

Almost immediately after the opening of the State Normal and Industrial School (now UNCG), St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church began a ministry to the students. Realizing the distance and dirt roads were a hindrance to students coming to St. Andrew’s, they began working on campus as St. Mary’s House and, in 1912, built the current building nearby.


Much has changed for the ministry in the 100+ years that followed. St. Mary’s House made its way through wars & police actions, the sexual revolution, integration, women’s and gay rights, and expansion to other schools.


In the 1970s, the chaplain had the vision to begin a small alternative worshiping community for faculty, former students, community members, and, of course, current students. That community continues to support the work of reaching out to those who might not find their way to a more traditional church, especially students and young adults.


Many are not Episcopalians when they begin worshiping with us, and some never join the denomination. Some stay for many years, while most students and others pass through as they graduate or their lives change.


What everyone will find here is a diverse blend of individuals and families, who embody the gospel through a broad network of social justice activities. We seek our commonality in worship, through bread and wine, prayers, and fellowship. When we leave, it is to “do the work that God has given us to do” in our many ways.